Soul reading

‘Let’s reveal and liberate what holds you back from living your full soul potential’


A soul reading helps you become aware of dynamics, blockages and potentials related to what you are experiencing in your life at the moment. Consequently :

  • It helps you see unconscious things (loyalties, beliefs, repetitive patterns, etc.) and to make connections, it shows you important aspects that you do not see or underestimate
  • It can confirm some of your feelings or intuitions by putting them into words
  • It allows you to integrate past events, traumas, emotions that couldn’t be processed back then
  • It “brings you together”, it brings you to a place of more unity and integrity within you, closer to your soul
  • It helps you take a step back and gain perspective in relation to the past and the present, in order to make conscious decisions that serve your freedom
  • It allows you to become more aware of your light and your strengths, on which you can rely to move forward.

This technique can support you whatever your moment of life or your needs might be: shadow work/inner work/spiritual path, support and clarity in a challenging phase or change of direction, brainstorming and development of a project (alone or in a team), zoom in on an area of your life to remove blockages and grow (work, money, love, health, etc.), exploration of a relationship in difficulty, etc…


Depending on the type of reading you chose and on your current needs, we might access:

  • The energy of the 7 chakras
  • The energy of the 5 bodies (spiritual, energetic, mental, emotional and physical)
  • Memories of collective patterns (past lives of humanity)
  • Spiritual agreements made between two souls

You can also ask questions and receive answers!

Please note: for ethical reasons, I do not predict the future, nor do I give any advice.



To get information on general aspects of your life at the present moment, without focusing on any specific topic. Whatever information is brought is the one that is important to you now. It is recommended for a first soul reading, or in case you can’t decide on a particular theme.


To explore a particular aspect or situation of your life in depth. You can chose any topic : very broad (money, work, health, love, etc.), or more specific (this situation, this project, this relationship, etc.).


To develop your projects or your company closer to your essence, while also bringing awareness on what is happening beneath the surface, and that is having an impact on the process. This reading helps you to identify opportunities, to highlight some of your potentials on which you could rely more, to clarify and remove blockages, to explore different possible directions in order to make better strategic decisions, etc.


To receive information about your relationship with another person (siblings, friends, couple, parent-child, colleagues, etc.). This allows us to better understand the challenges or issues of a relationship, its underlying why, the unconscious dynamics which influence it on both sides, etc.

* Full or short reading? : during a short reading, we can open on average 4 to 6 pieces of information (images). This is ideal for you if you have a few specific questions to ask, a well-targeted point or topic to explore, if you want to follow up on a long session, or if you really want to get straight to the point. In other cases, I would recommend that you opt for a complete reading.


Heal, grow and create together!

Are you a teacher, therapist, coach, entrepreneur of well-being working with other people? We can do a reading of:

  • Your team: to understand each other better and work together more efficiently. To bring clarity on the role each member plays and what they can best bring to the team. To “use” the energy of all the people involved in the project to get more creative ideas, and better understand in which direction to develop the project, etc.
  • Your clients: a magic and unique collective experience to support and deepen the transformation processes that you facilitate as part of your retreats, workshops, trainings, coachings, etc. We can choose a theme together for a tailor-made service. I am often told that there is a before and an after, both on an individual and group level!

You can contact me at to get more information.


People sometimes ask me at the end of a reading: Ok Laura, thank you, I understand much better what I am experiencing… But what to do with it? How can I use this reading to move forward in my life in a practical way?